What you don’t know can cost you time and money when it comes to selling your house. The best source of information is your real estate agent, and we’ve put together a growing list of helpful resources about the home selling process. When you’re ready, contact us at Info@HoaglandGroup.com or 317-886-0501 to discuss how we can help sell your house.

How much is my home worth?

What home SELLERS should know about… Inspections!

Very few people like to take tests. Tests are scary – particularly if you don’t know the topic. When selling your house, the biggest “test” (with the most unknowns) is the inspection. This is the point in a real estate transaction that our sellers stress about the most. What will they find? How much will it cost? Do we have the money to repair whatever it is? Will the buyer back out?

The Hoagland Group aims to provide a stress-free move. And we mean it! Below, we will equip you with answers to frequently asked questions, a short-list of the “usual suspects” (that you can easily check your home for now and correct), and the “Big 3” could be deal-breakers; plus, how a great real estate agent handles things for you. The inspection process does NOT have to be a test you are unprepared for.

What Does it Cost to Sell a House?

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When you sell your home, you need to put it on the market, so you can get the maximum exposure possible. The more people that are aware your home is for sale, the better the odds that you’ll sell quickly. To get this exposure, you need a real estate agent who does the marketing for … Continued

Pricing Your Home to Sell

Pricing Your Home to Sell

You may have some idea in mind about the value of your home, but without the proper information and an objective look, you may find yourself running into issues that cost time and money when setting the asking price. Your house can sit on the market too long and cause people to lose interest if … Continued

How to Buy a New Home when you also Have One to Sell

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What is keeping YOU on the sidelines? Is it the fear of selling quickly and then not having time to find a new home?  It doesn’t have to! Right now there are more buyers in the market than there are houses for sale in Indianapolis — leading to multiple offers on properties and driving up … Continued

The Sweet Smell of a Successful Sale

The Sweet Smell of a Successful Sale Scents and aromas can have a dramatic impact on people’s emotions and overall experience of a space. (Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a multi-billion-dollar fragrance industry!) Don’t ignore the power of fragrance when showing your home. Smoke, pet odors, and cooking smells can each dramatically impact how potential buyers feel … Continued

Great Listing Agent Interview Questions

It’s always surprising how many people think “all real estate agents do the same things”.   Do you know that 6% of the agents do 94% of the business?  Make sure you’re hiring one of the 6%!  These agents are in the game every day.  They are experienced.  They know the industry and the market. … Continued

Zestimates — Truth or Fiction?

Zestimates — Truth or Fiction?

Have you checked your home value on Zillow lately? What did you think?  Thrilled because the estimate is much higher than you thought and you can’t wait to brag to the neighbors? Or were you simply devastated by the low number?  Hold on! Take a breath… your “Zestimate” may not be as accurate as you think! According … Continued