What is keeping YOU on the sidelines?

Is it the fear of selling quickly and then not having time to find a new home?  It doesn’t have to!

Right now there are more buyers in the market than there are houses for sale in Indianapolis — leading to multiple offers on properties and driving up sales prices! So why aren’t homeowners taking advantage of these higher prices and jumping into the market?


It is possible to smoothly transition from home to home, even in a face paced seller’s market!

Here are three strategies the Hoagland Group is using to help our clients do just that.

🏠 1. Buy First

Because homes are moving quickly, more sellers are opting to purchase first and then sell, knowing that the likelihood of owning 2 homes for any length of time in today’s market is unlikely. But what if you need the equity in house #1 to use as a down payment on house #2? Here are two mortgage options which are working for our clients:

  • Take out a home equity line of credit on your current home for the down payment on a new one.
  • Make a smaller than planned down payment on the new home and then make a large payment after house #1 sells. We have partnered with a lender who is making this very affordable by allowing a re-calculation of the monthly payment based on the new lower balance after house #1 sells.


Buying first can also make the move less stressful because there is often a short time when the sellers have possession of both houses, allowing them time to clean or make improvements to the new place before moving in.

⏳ 2. Negotiate a Delayed Closing

If buying a new house before you sell your current place isn’t the right option for you, consider getting your home on the market and then taking advantage of this seller’s market to negotiate a delayed closing with the buyers. There is a good chance that more than one buyer will be competing for your home. When that happens their agent will encourage them to submit not only their best price, but also the best terms, which includes items like closing and possession dates. We are often able to negotiate a delayed closing of 60+ days, versus the usual 30-45 days.  This gives the seller additional time to find their new home.

🔨 3. Choose New Construction

Builders are developing new neighborhoods all around Indianapolis to help fill the low inventory gap and many allow you to start your new place now and then sell your home down the road.  You get a brand new home, exactly the way you want it, and you don’t have to bid against other buyers!

If you would like to learn more about this option, we would love to email you our New Construction Guide.

Hoagland Group New Home Construction Buyer's Guide

Contact us to get more details on any of these, plus other strategies.  We will help you evaluate each one and select an option that works for you.

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