The Hoagland Group Listing Launch Strategy increases the odds of receiving multiple offers which not only drives up prices, it also incents buyers to include very attractive terms. Is this really necessary in this market? Yes! Without a Launch Strategy, there is a good chance sellers are leaving money on the table.

❓Why Launch?


It’s human nature to want what we can’t have, right?  That’s exactly why the Launch puts the property out in front of buyers and then waits several days before they can see it!  It’s like Black Friday specials or the anticipation for the latest iphone — increasing exposure and building excitement among buyers and their agents — leading to more showings and more offers.  It also makes the showing experience easier for sellers and provides confidence that they aren’t leaving money on the table.

🚀How it Works

The Launch “lift off” begins once the Listing Contract has been signed and the seller is ready to go on the market.

Here is an example of how it might work, but keep in mind that the days and times will be customized to every homeowner’s needs.

  • As soon as contracts are signed:
    • “Coming Soon” property Information is shared with other realtors at our brokerage
  • At the seller’s convenience:
    • Professional Photo Shoot takes place
  • The following day:
    •   “Coming Soon” ads are placed on social media with the professional photos
  • Thursday:
    • Property goes Live on MLS and syndicates to hundreds of other websites
    • Agents are informed that showings will not begin until Saturday morning and that all offers will be reviewed Sunday evening at 5:00pm
    • “Just Listed” ads are placed on social media
  • Saturday:
    • Showings begin and will typically be booked throughout the day
    • Sellers can plan ahead to be out of the house along with children and pets – maybe even enjoy a fun weekend out of town!
  • Sunday:
    • Showings Continue and optional Open House is held
    • After 5:00pm all offers, along with an Offer Summary Net Sheet will be presented to sellers
    • Sellers, along with the listing agent review the offers, select the best one and then either accept or counter as appropriate

💰The Advantage of the Launch Strategy

Without a Launch Strategy

Goes into the MLS without any specific instructions

Showings are scattered throughout the next several days (for example 4:00 on Wed, 9:00, Noon, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00 on Thurs etc.) Sellers have to prepare the house, remove pets, keep it clean, schedule around the kids — it’s difficult to make a plan.

A full price Offer with usual terms is received Thursday morning with a 3 hour expiration.  They hurry to discuss it with their agent and make a rushed decision.

Seller accepts the full price offer and cancels the remaining showings.

With a Launch Strategy

Seller has the house prepared for showings on Saturday and makes plans to be out of the house on Saturday and Sunday, along with plans for any pets and children.

Showings are condensed into 2 days.

Multiple offers are usually received

Seller will get a summary of all of the offers and can plan to review them all at once — on their time table.

Because there are multiple offers, they will most likely accept one that has some or all of the following:

  • Above list price
  • No inspection or “As Is”
  • Seller’s preferred closing date
  • Free possession days after closing
  • Buyer contribution towards a low appraisal or
  • Cash Offer with No Appraisal


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