The Sweet Smell of a Successful Sale

The Sweet Smell of a Successful Sale Scents and aromas can have a dramatic impact on people’s emotions and overall experience of a space. (Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a multi-billion-dollar fragrance industry!) Don’t ignore the power of fragrance when showing your home. Smoke, pet odors, and cooking smells can each dramatically impact how potential buyers feel … Continued

Great Listing Agent Interview Questions

It’s always surprising how many people think “all real estate agents do the same things”.   Do you know that 6% of the agents do 94% of the business?  Make sure you’re hiring one of the 6%!  These agents are in the game every day.  They are experienced.  They know the industry and the market. … Continued

Zestimates — Truth or Fiction?

Zestimates — Truth or Fiction?

Have you checked your home value on Zillow lately? What did you think?  Thrilled because the estimate is much higher than you thought and you can’t wait to brag to the neighbors? Or were you simply devastated by the low number?  Hold on! Take a breath… your “Zestimate” may not be as accurate as you think! According … Continued

How Much Will it Cost to Sell My Greenwood Home?

Recent Seller Question:  “What expenses should I expect when selling my Greenwood home and how much money will I actually walk away with when it’s all said and done?”   Great Question!  Isn’t this what everyone really wants to know?   There are several different expenses involved when selling a house in Greenwood or anywhere in … Continued

Help! I’m a First Time Seller

Checklist for buying homes in Greenwood

Recent Seller Question:  “Help!  I’ve never sold a house before.  Where do I start?  What are the steps in the process?”  Great Question!  There are 100’s of steps involved in the home sale process and no two transactions are exactly alike, but we’ve put together a list of the most common activities so you’ll know … Continued

Seller’s Market? Buyer’s Market? Help!

So what’s the difference between a Buyer’s Market and a Seller’s Market?  Should I care? Like most professions, real estate has its own vocabulary and to those not “in the business” at times, it may seem like a foreign language!   There has been a lot of press this spring about a “Seller’s Market” in Indianapolis.  … Continued