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Keller Mortgage is saving our clients money AND giving our buyers and sellers a competitive advantage in the market!  It not only offers zero lender fees, but the buyer also receives $1000* at closing to apply towards other 3rd party expenses such as their appraisal, inspection, warranty etc. and the rates are lower than what our buyers are being quoted by other lenders.
Take a look at what ZeroPlus has to offer and how it will significantly increase your bottom line!

💰 ZeroPlus Savings – What is it?

❓ How Does it Work? (The Details)

🙂 What Clients are Saying about ZeroPlus

“Without Keller Mortgage waiving lender fees (and adding a lender credit on top of that!) I would not have been able to make a winning bid on the house I wanted.” 

E Henson, Keller Mortgage Client

“I saved more than $5000 by going through Keller Mortgage!  With these savings I was able to purchase new appliances for my home and put the rest towards the moving expenses.” 

C Duke, Keller Mortgage Client

🏠 ZeroPlus Makes Your Offer a Winner

After saving for a down payment, many buyers have limited funds left for closing costs so they often ask a seller to pay for some of their lender fees.  Unfortunately for buyers, most homes this spring will sell in a few days and many will receive multiple offers, so sellers are not motivated to pay buyer closing costs.  Last week we had a buyer who was competing with 10 other offers on the same property.  He won, partly because he was using ZeroPlus with no closing costs.  The next highest offer needed $3000 from the seller to go towards their closings costs — Slam Dunk!

There are other strategies we also use to help our buyers write winning offers and ZeroPlus is certainly a powerful tool in our arsenal.

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How Much Can You Save?

Get Access to ZeroPlus through the Keller Mortgage Tab on the

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*Available on Loans $150,000 or above
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