Whether you are a buyer, seller or both, Keller Mortgage’s new loan program, ZeroPlus will save you thousands of dollars. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

🎉Introducing ZeroPlus!

Keller Mortgage is offering a new Zero Lender Fee mortgage.  That’s right, no origination or lender fees.  None.  Zero.  Zilch!  And if the mortgage is $150,000 or more, the buyer also receives a $1000 credit to apply towards 3rd party fees such as the appraisal, inspection or homeowner’s insurance policy.  This isn’t a typo.  The lender actually gives the buyer $1000!  Really!

So how much savings are we talking about?  A lot!

Graph showing savings using ZeroPlus loan from Keller Morgage

💰What Loan Types are Offered?

🏠ZeroPlus Helps Sellers Net More too

  1. If a Seller is also a buyer, then they will receive the no lender fee savings on their purchase, even if they are relocating.
  2. Keller Williams Listings are ZeroPlus eligible properties.  That means anyone buying your home will be eligible for the ZeroPlus program too, even if they are working with another brokerage.  With no lender fees, the buyer will be able to afford more home, potentially increasing the sales price.  Plus it will no longer be necessary for KW sellers to pay for buyer closing cost assistance!  (It’s not unusual to receive offers which ask the seller to pay $1500 – $4500 towards the buyer’s closing costs).

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