Its that time of year when we change our clocks and reset our schedules to best utilize the daylight hours! (We also think it’s a great time for some other annual / semi-annual tasks.)

Clock with Daylight Saving Time Letter Blocks

Switch Your Clocks for Daylight Saving Time… and don’t forget these other tasks!

Twice a year we all get to change the clocks on our microwaves, ovens, and walls so that we can take full advantage of every daylight hour (or so they tell us). But, did you realize that it’s also a great time of year to check on a few other items around your house??

If you’re anything like us, there are a couple of annual / semi-annual tasks that we seem to ALWAYS overlook doing! So, we’ve put together a short list of the most important (and forgotten) items for both spring and fall time changes.

When you go to change your clocks, use the list below to also perform a few routine house maintenance items. (Even if you don’t own your own home, you may still want to do a couple of these.)

  1. Change out ALL smoke detector batteries.
    • They probably aren’t dead, yet, but do you really want to risk them running out of juice just when you need them most?!
  2. Schedule your AC or Furnace “clean & check”.
    • Spring and Fall are when we change our clocks AND get ready for a new season. So, it’s a great time to have your HVAC company out to make sure things are ship-shape for the change in weather!
    • Need a HVAC company recommendation? Check out our favorites on our HomeKeepr app.
  3. Check on your lawn, flowerbeds, & gardens.
    • There are a handful of specific tasks that go along with taking care of the trees, bushes, and plants around your house each spring and fall.
    • Fall is the best time to prune trees and bushes (after leaves have fallen) and put out a winter weed & feed on your lawn.
    • Spring is the perfect time to clean up any leftover debris (dead leaves, annuals, etc.), turn over the dirt in your garden, refresh mulch, and put out a pre-emergent weed killer!
  4. Clean your gutters lately?
    • Spring and fall tend to be the rainiest seasons, so make sure that rain is going where it needs to be… away from your house!
  5. You may also want to use this time of year to check the exterior of your home for any wind/storm/sun damage, peeling paint, and caulking that may need added or fixed.


These tasks don’t need to be done each month, but a twice yearly check is probably a good habit to develop!

Are there any other items we should be adding to our list? Comment below or shoot us a text. We’ll gladly add them to help everyone stay on top of things.

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