Situated between two counties and one major city – Indianapolis, Marion County, and Bloomington – Morgan County is home to approximately 69,648 residents. Since its establishment in 1822, this county has developed into a flourishing area with 14 townships, attractive local businesses, family-owned farms, eclectic restaurants, and plenty of refreshing outdoor recreational opportunities.

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Schools in Morgan County

There are more than 20 schools in Morgan County, and the area is served by the Morgan County Public Library’s six branches. Schools in the area include:

  • Brooklyn Stem Academy (ranges from grades Pk-5, current student enrollment: 204)
  • Centerton Elementary school (grades ranging from PK-5, current student enrollment: 236)
  • Indian Creek School District
  • Eminence Community School Corp
  • Martinsville West Middle School (grades ranging from 6-8, current student enrollment: 517)
  • Waverly Elementary School (grades ranging from Pk-6, current student enrollment: 332)
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Morgan County Parks & Recreation

To improve its residents’ quality of life, while highlighting the natural environment, Morgan County has made itself a haven to excellent parks (some of which had been built in the 1900s) and recreational centers. The county features two distinct kinds of landscapes because of the striking differences between northern and southern Indiana’s environments, creating an ideal place to hike and experience rolling hills, mineral springs, and other natural wonders. Below is a list of a few of the outdoor trails and recreational centers residents enjoy.

  • Old Town Waverly park (built in 1910)
  • White River Greenway Trail
  • NASA-Affiliated Observatory and Space Center
  • Martinsville’s Jimmy Nash Park
  • Landersdale Trail
  • Burkhart Creek Park
  • Mooreville’s Pioneer Park

Morgan County Weather

Recently, Morgan County has enjoyed steady temperatures year-round, ranging from a January low of 18 degrees to a July high of 85 degrees. This county receives an average monthly precipitation of 2.44 – 4.73 inches. However, the area has experienced a record low of -35 degrees during winter months and a record high of 105 degrees in summer months.

Morgan County Amenities

Amidst its hospitable atmosphere, charming small towns, and beautiful scenery, Morgan County is home to many antique stores, strikingly talented artists, local wineries/breweries, and deliciously diverse restaurants. Not to mention, the area also houses numerous local family-owned farms, which contribute goods as well as provide a rich experience for visitors and add a lovely touch to the scenery.

Morgan County Real Estate

Morgan County’s most popular townships include the city of Martinsville, the Town of Brooklyn, Mooresville, Morgantown, Paragon, and Monrovia. Most of these areas resemble classic small towns in the 1800s with a modern touch. Martinsville is one of the only townships labeled a city. Martinsville is marked with Italianate designed buildings and architecture dating back to the Civil War era. While it is undergoing revitalization, it will still maintain its historic charm and small-town appeal.

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