Johnson County offers a wide variety of amenities and opportunities for individuals looking to relocate. Located near the center of Indiana, Johnson County is home to approximately 150,000 residents. Named after a judge for the State of Indiana Supreme Court, Johnson County was formed in 1823.

Johnson County Homes for Sale

Johnson County Schools

Johnson County currently has 39 public schools which cater to approximately 26,000 students throughout the county. Including Kindergarten levels, there are also 13 private schools available. Currently, over 87 percent of students within the District graduate from high school which is nearly the same average for the state of Indiana as a whole. Another exciting statement towards the success of the county’s education system is the steady increase in students both taking and passing the AP exams available at the high school level for College Readiness.

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Recreation & Parks in Johnson County

Johnson County offers an incredible variety of recreation activities and public parks. Well-known for being the home of a popular Equestrian Facility, Hoosier Horse Park, Johnson County holds many equine events for both competitive riding and pleasure riding. Johnson County also prides itself on having a variety of scenic, clean, and serene public camping facilities. With room for both tent camping and trailer hookups, all types of camping are encouraged here. There are also numerous groomed trails for both hiking and communing with local wildlife.

Johnson County Weather

With a relatively mild climate given its geographical location, Johnson County remains a location that appeals to a wide variety of age groups. Average temperatures of low 20’s in winter, and mid 80’s in summer mean the availability of outdoor activities is broad.

Johnson County Amenities

Currently, Johnson County is home to just two large cities and six towns, as well as a large number of rural communities. The county is well-known for its belief and support of a Green Living standard. There are over 30 public gardens, plenty of outdoor exercise facilities and trails, and even a unique Tree Dedication program. The local community is inspired by respecting our environment.

Johnson County Real Estate

Local real estate in Johnson County varies widely due to the rural areas within the county. Currently, the market is quite healthy with an appreciation rate of just over five percent in the last 12 months. With an average time on market of under 60 days, sellers can have realistic expectations about selling their homes within a few months. The default rate on mortgages in Johnson County remains low at less than two percent, creating an environment with few vacant or abandoned homes.

The median listing price for available homes is approximately $250,000 in Johnson County, and the current median home value is just over $170,000. Johnson County homes are expected to continue to increase in value over the next year, supporting the healthy market seen in this area. Rural homes are available with acreage and privacy, and more suburban homes in tight-knit communities are also readily available in Johnson County.

Johnson County Interactive Map