The Search

So you’re thinking about buying a new home in Greenwood or another great Indy Metro area.  Awesome!  You are probably checking out homes for sale online, pouring over property descriptions and photos, looking at different areas and price ranges.  Then it happens…. You see THE ONE!  All of a sudden you’re ready to take the next step and look at it in person.

The Viewing – How it works

Who do you contact to schedule a time to see the house?   Buying a home is unlike any other purchase.  You can’t just stop by a store or car lot and take a look at what’s available!  So who do you contact when you want to see a house in person?  Should you click “schedule a showing” on Zillow or maybe call the listing agent?  No!

    1. It’s not in your best interest.  The listing agent has been hired by the seller and has a legal responsibility to represent the seller’s interests, not yours.  It’s kind of like using your soon to be Ex’s attorney for a divorce!
    2. It’s not convenient. For example, let’s say you want to see 6 houses.  If you call 6 listing agents you are juggling all of the appointments, not to mention going through “meet and greets” with 6 different agents.
    3. It sets an industry expectation. The agent who shows you a property expects to write your offer, so unless you are ok with someone you just met, with no recommendations or testimonials to attest to their qualifications, representing you in one of your largest financial decisions, be careful who you call.
    4. The best plan is to establish a relationship with a full time experienced agent with clients who love them, before you find your dream home How do you find them?  Ask friends and family who recently had a great experience for a recommendation or check out online reviews and client testimonials.  This is an important decision — don’t leave it to a chance!
    5. Then call your realtor when you are ready to see a home They will take care of the scheduling details and research the properties, neighborhoods and prices, so you can concentrate on looking at the house.  They will also get to know you and understand the things that are important to you in your new home, making suggestions you may not have considered.  The time you spend looking at homes with your agent will allow you to get to know them too.  Building trust and confidence that they are an expert in their field and will represent you wisely.

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But don’t worry if you’ve already seen a few homes with listing agents or an agent you’re not crazy about.  Unless you signed an Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement, you are not committed to them.  And even if you did sign something, unless you are already under contract with a seller, you can ask to have the agreement cancelled.

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